FRESH - Group Show

Liz Wells, Linda Darby, Janis Blyth,

Nancy Dolan & Marilyn Chapman

April 17 - 30 2019

Opening Night Reception Thursday, April 18th 7pm - 9pm


FRESH emerged from conversations between five artists talking about the seasons and how artists too have new seasons within their art practice. Although these artists follow different paths to produce their work, by meeting and sharing, they inspired each other to try new directions and novel color palettes. The intention and process was to develop freshness in the work and to provide a cohesive exhibition. From images of Chinatown history to Cityscapes, Nature, Portraits and Abstraction, each artist has interpreted the FRESH theme in their unique way, yet with a dynamic connection that weaves through all the artwork.


Janis Blyth

Marilyn Chapman

Linda Darby

Nancy Dolan

Liz Wells

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