New Works by Karen Lynn Kaiser & Marshall Hugh Kaiser

June 6th to 27th. 

Karen and Marshall Kaiser are showcasing their unique brand of oil paintings; From Karen's intricately detailed pieces to Marshall's magically epic landscapes, these pieces need to be seen in person to truly witness their beauty. 

The Art of Karen Lynn Kaiser,

"In my work, I'm not aiming for high realism but rather an impression of the subject. I do a quick brush sketch of my subject and work wet on wet. My aim is to stir a rememberance of a time, place or experience with a very gentle approach. My work is collected locally and internationally and is also in the Hugh Hanson Davidson Collection, bequeathed to the Kamloops Art Gallery in 2014. My work is shown at local juried art events throughout the year such as The Art Gallery of Greater Victoria's small works shows and the July Paint-in and the Emporium Gift Shop in Dragon Alley in Chinatown" - Karen Lynn Kaiser


The Art of Marshall Hugh Kaiser,

"Originally from Halifax, Nova Scotia, I'm a graduate of the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design. I began creating art early on as a young child and come from a family of artisans, woodcarvers and ship builders."

"For me, painting is the experience of seeing translated to the canvas by way of the heart. As a figurative artist, the process is about the subversion of realistic elements in order to achieve an 'otherness'. Often in my work, a feeling of impending darkness or the elimination of any human presence provides the viewer with the sense of experiencing the place long after others have left" - Marshall Hugh Kaiser BFA